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Licenses and certificates


KSS is a leading company
in the field of industrial construction

The Company's activities are subject to licensing. The following licenses were obtained:
  • License for engineering of petrochemical, oil and gas processing facilities.

  • License for survey activities.

  • License for Category I construction and assembly works.

  • License for Category I project design activities.

  • License to perform works and services in environmental protection.

  • License for handling ionizing radiation devices and installations.

  • License for handling radioactive substances, instruments and installations containing radioactive substances.

Company's quality systems meet international standards:
  • ISO 9001-2015 Quality management systems.

  • ISO 14001-2015 Environment Management Systems

  • ISO/TS 29001-2010 Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industry.Industry quality management systems.

  • ISO 50001-2018 Energy Management Systems.

  • ISO 45001-2018 Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems.


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